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Topic: Catholic Q & A

Your Source For For Thousands Of Catholic Q & A!

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ArrowFor Catholic Q & A, Try...

» Baltimore Catechism Selections (Q & A Format) [Searchable!]

Topics Include: On God and His Perfections, On the Unity and Trinity of God, On Creation, On Sin and its Kinds, On the Incarnation and Redemption, On Our Lord's Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension, On the Holy Ghost and His Descent Upon the Apostles, On the Effects of the Redemption, On the Church, On the Sacraments, On the Sacramentals, On Prayer, On the Commandments of God, On the Last Judgment and the Resurrection, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, Etc.

» 'Catholic Trivia': Q & A Search [Searchable! - May Contain Thousands of Q & A!]

Try searching here for thousands of Q & A on numerous topics...

» Bible Facts: Q & A

Topics Include: Authorship of Scripture, Bible Alone?, Bible Basics / Bible History, Bible Translation / Interpretation, Books of Scripture, Catholics, the Catholic Church & Bibles, Choosing a Bible, Inerrancy of Scripture, Jesus / Holy Scripture, Modernism / Modernist Errors / Scripture, Non-Catholics & Bibles, Purpose of the Bible, Scripture Numbering & Referencing / Scripture Selection for Mass, Use of Scripture, Etc.

» Grace: Q & A

Topics Include: What is Grace?, What is Sanctifying Grace?, What is Actual Grace?, What is Sacramental Grace?, Is Grace Necessary to Salvation?, Can We Resist the Grace of God?, Which Are the Sacraments That Confer Sanctifying Grace?, Which Are the Sacraments That Increase Sanctifying Grace?, Where Do the Sacraments Receive the Power of Conferring Grace?, Do the Sacraments Always Confer Grace?, Is There Any Other Means of Obtaining God's Grace Than the Sacraments?

» Sin & Vice: Q & A

Topics Include: What is Sin?, When is Sin Committed?, How is Sin Committed?, What is Original Sin?, How Are We Cleansed From Original Sin?, Was Anyone Ever Preserved From Original Sin?, What is Actual Sin?, What Are the Chief Sources of Actual Sin?, What Are the Two Types of Actual Sin?, What is Mortal Sin?, What Conditions Are Necessary for Sin to be Mortal?, What Are the Effects of Mortal Sin?, What Should One Do Upon Committing a Mortal Sin?, After Committing a Mortal Sin, Can One Receive Holy Communion?, What is Venial Sin?, What Are the Effects of Venial Sin?, What Should One Do Upon Committing a Venial Sin?, Can Venial Sins Be Confessed?, How Else May Venial Sins Be Pardoned?, Does Any Sin Go Unpunished?, Can Sins Be Forgiven Without Contrition?, What is an Occasion of Sin?, Are We Bound to Avoid Occasions of Sin?, What Means Especially Help Us Avoid Sin?, Is There Confession After Death?, What is the Difference Between Sin and Vice?, When Are Bad Thoughts Sins?, Can Any Circumstance Make a Sin Licit?, Can a Person Be Forced to Sin?, How Might Sins Be More or Less Grave?, What Are the Six Sins Against the Holy Spirit?, What Are the Four Sins 'Crying to Heaven for Vengeance'?, What Are the Seven Capital Sins ('Deadly Sins')?, In What Ways Can One be an Accessory to Another's Sin?, What Are the Chief Sources of Sin (Vices) and What Are Their Contrary Virtues?, Can the Church Forgive All Sins?, Does the Sacrament of Penance Remit All Punishment Due to Sin?, What Should One Do When Tempted to Sin?, Etc.

» Sacraments: Q & A

Topics Include: What is a 'Sacrament'?, How Many Sacraments Are There & What Is Each Called?, Who Instituted the Sacraments?, Why Were the Sacraments Instituted?, Are All Sacraments Equal?, Can the Church Add / Change / Eliminate Sacraments?, Are the Sacraments Necessary for Salvation?, Can the Sacraments be Repeated?, Can a Person Receive all the Sacraments?, What is the Purpose of Each Sacrament?, What Are 'Sacraments of the Living' and 'Sacraments of the Dead'?, Which Sacraments Impart a Seal (or Character)?, What Are Some Effects of the Sacraments?, What is Grace? / Do the Sacraments Always Impart Grace?, When Are the Sacraments Given?, How Are the Sacraments Given?, Who Administers the Sacraments?, What is Necessary for a Valid Sacrament?, Are There Some Occurrences Which Might Invalidate a Sacrament?, Does an Unworthy Minister Invalidate the Sacrament?, What Can Be Done if a Sacrament is Abused?, Can Sacraments be Given Conditionally?, Are There Sacraments Outside the Church?, What is the Difference Between Sacraments & Sacramentals?, Etc.

» Vatican View: Q & A

Topics Include: Authority of the Pope / Supremacy, Papal Duties & Pronouncements, Papal Infallibility, The Papacy in History, In Defense of the Papacy, Location of Popes / Vatican, Death of a Pope / Election of a Pope, Etc.

» Latin Mass & Catholic Tradition: Q & A

Topics Include: Catholic Tradition, Modernism / Novelties, The Traditional Liturgical Calendar, Traditionalists in a Modern World (Incl. Schism, Sedevacantism, Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Etc.), The 'Tridentine' Mass (& The Novus Ordo Mass), Etc.

» Indulgences: Q & A [See 'Introduction / Basics']

Topics Include: What are Indulgences?, Do indulgences forgive sin?, Why does one need indulgences?, How does one obtain an indulgence? / What are the requirements?, What is the difference between a plenary and a partial indulgence?, Where may I find a list of indulgences?, Are old indulgences still applicable?, What other changes were made since the Second Vatican Council?, What does it mean when an indulgence is measured in days or years?, Can a person in mortal sin obtain indulgences?, Do indulgences eliminate the need for Confession?, Do indulgences eliminate the need for restitution?, Can indulgences be applied to others, either living or dead?, What does a "toties quoties" indulgence refer to?, Can indulgences be bought?, Who in the Church is authorized to grant indulgences?, What can one do to help ensure that he/she gets all indulgences that may be available on any given day?, Etc.

» Non-Catholics / Apologetics: Q & A  [Great For Catholics Too!]

Topics Include: Agnostics, Atheists, Authority / Obedience, Baptism, The Bible (Incl. Bible Alone, Private Interpretation, Deuterocanonical Books), The Catholic Church, Church History (Incl. Alleged 'Great Apostasy', Galileo, Joan of Arc, Burning Bibles, 'Forced Conversions', Crusades, Inquisition), Church Teachings, Confirmation, The Divinity of Christ, Doctrine, The Eucharist, Extreme Unction / Anointing of the Sick, Former Catholics, Hell, Holy Orders, Images, Indulgences, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Marian (Incl. Sinlessness, Virginity, Assumption, Honoring Mary, Intercession, Apparitions, Rosary & Scapular), Mass, Matrimony, Moral Teachings (Incl. Divorce, Abortion & Euthanasia, Contraception, Homosexual Behavior), Mormons, Non-Christians, Papacy, Penance / Confession, Pope, Prayers (Incl. Lengthy/Repetitive Prayers, Praying for the Dead, Praying to Saints), Priests (Incl. 'Call No Man Father', Celibacy), Purgatory, Relics, Sacramentals, Sacraments, Saints (Incl. Praying to Saints, Venerating Images/Relics, Intercession), Salvation (Incl. Assurance of Salvation/Loss of Salvation, Faith Alone, Good Works), Scandal, Scripture, Sin, Those Contemplating Conversion, Tradition, The Trinity, Truth, Unchanging Doctrine, Visible / Hierarchical Church, Who Jesus Is, Ashes, Sunday 'Sabbath', Crucifixes, Infallibility, Reincarnation, All-Male Priesthood, 'Rapture', Orthodox, Faith & Reason, Mysteries, 'Old Catholics', Invalidity of Anglican Orders, Etc.

» Catholic Basics: Q & A (Resources)

» MCS Daily Digest (see "Catholic Q & A")

» Patron Saint Q & A (User-Submitted Article)

Topics Include: Who is my patron saint?, Do all saints have an assigned patronage?, Might a saint have patronage over more than one thing?, Does every cause, disease, activity, hobby, etc. have a patron saint?, Who is the patron saint of ...?, Where can I find more information about patron saints?

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» Why Can't Women Be Priests? (Top Reasons)

» Why Priestly Celibacy?

» Communion in the Hand: Why Not?

» Communion Under Both Species: Is it Required?

» Lay 'Eucharistic Ministers': Why Not?

» Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje: True or False?

» Should One Correct / Rebuke a Fallen Away Catholic?

» Mixed Marriages (Q & A)

» Is Abortion Really a 'Right' or a 'Choice'?

» "Organ Donation: Act of Charity or License to Kill?" (.pdf) [Flier]

» Vocations Questionnaire (& Responses)

» Summary of Changes Since Vatican II: A Revolution in the Church?

» Why the Latin Mass?

» Latin Mass / Catholic Tradition: Q & A (User Posts)

» More User Posts: Add Your Post | Find Posts

» Free Resources (Index)

ArrowFor Other Catholic Information, Try...

» Topic Pages: Catholic Information | Definitions / Catholic Dictionary | Catholic History

» Current Issues

» Catholic Activities [Incl. Crossword Puzzles]

» My Catholic Related Q & A:


Commercial: Q & A

Donations: Q & A

Book Review & Exchange: Q & A

Lending Library: Q & A

Give & Take: Q & A

Volunteers' Corner: Q & A

Non-Catholics' Questions / Comments

Feedback / Questions

Questions About This Site / 'Volunteer Live Chat'

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» Catholic Web Links

» User-Submitted Articles

» Also Try: Catholic Bible Facts [Includes: Bible Q & A; Books of the Bible (Info./Lists); The Psalms (Lists); The Beatitudes; Jesus' Parables; Jesus' Emphasized Statements] (Catholic Educational Series / Article Reprints)

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