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Prayers for Priests & Vocations

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St. John Vianney, the Curé D'Ars (patron saint of priests)

Prayers for Priests & Vocations

Sources: Various

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Discernment Prayers

Laity's Prayers for Priests / Religious / The Church

Prayer for Deceased Bishop

Prayer for One's Confessor

Prayer for Preachers

Prayers for Deceased Priests

Prayers for Vocations

Priests' Mass Prayers

Priests' Prayers

Seminarians' Prayer


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Discernment Prayers

Thy will be done! [Raccolta]

Speak Lord, your servant listens. [1 Sam. 3:9]

Teach me, O Lord, to do Thy will, for Thou art my God. [Source: Raccolta]

My Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, I humbly beseech Thee to scatter the darkness of my mind, and to give me lively faith, firm hope and burning love. Grant, O my God, that I may know Thee well and may do all things in Thy light and in conformity to Thy holy will. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O my God, Thou who art the God of wisdom and good counsel, Thou who readest in my heart a sincere desire to please Thee alone and to direct myself in regard to my choice of a state of life, in conformity with Thy holy will in all things; by the intercession of the most holy Virgin, my Mother, and of my Patron Saints, grant me the grace to know that state of life which I ought to choose, and to embrace it when known, in order that thus I may seek Thy glory and increase it, work out my own salvation and deserve the heavenly reward which Thou hast promised to those who do Thy holy will. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]  

Lord Jesus, let me know myself and know Thee, and desire nothing save only Thee. Let me hate myself and love Thee. Let me do everything for the sake of Thee. Let me humble myself and exalt Thee. Let me think nothing except Thee. Let me die to myself and live in Thee. Let me accept whatever happens as from Thee. Let me banish self and follow Thee, and ever desire to follow Thee. Let me fly from myself and take refuge in Thee, that I may deserve to be defended by Thee. Let me fear for myself, let me fear Thee, and let me be among those who are chosen by Thee. Let me distrust myself and put my trust in Thee. Let me be willing to obey for the sake of Thee. Let me cling to nothing save only to Thee, and let me be poor because of Thee. Look upon me, that I may love Thee. Call me that I may see Thee, and for ever enjoy Thee. Amen. (St. Augustine)

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Laity's Prayers for Priests / Religious / The Church

May it please Thee, O Lord, to reward with eternal life all those who do good to us for Thy Name's sake. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O Holy Spirit, Creator, mercifully assist Thy Catholic Church, and by Thy heavenly power strengthen and establish her against the assaults of all her enemies; and by Thy love and grace renew the spirit of Thy servants whom Thou hast anointed, that in Thee they may glorify the Father and His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O God, who hast appointed Thine only-begotten Son to be the eternal High Priest for the glory of Thy Majesty and the salvation of mankind; grant that they whom He hath chosen to be His ministers and the stewards of His mysteries, may be found faithful in the fulfillment of the ministry which they have received. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

Almighty and merciful God, who didst bestow upon the blessed Cure of Ars wonderful pastoral zeal and great fervor for prayer and penance, grant, we beseech Thee, that by his example and intercession, our parish priests may be able to gain the souls of their brethren for Christ, and with them attain to everlasting glory. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O Most Holy Heart of Jesus, shower Thy blessings in abundant measure upon Thy holy Church, upon the Supreme Pontiff, and upon all the clergy; to the just grant perseverance; convert sinners; enlighten unbelievers; bless our relations, friends, and benefactors; assist the dying; deliver the holy souls in purgatory; and extend over all hearts the sweet empire of Thy love. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, thou who hast been rightly proclaimed the Patroness of Catholic missions throughout the world, remember the burning desire which thou didst manifest here on earth to plant the Cross of Christ on every shore and to [spread] the Gospel even to the consummation of the world; we implore thee, according to thy promise, to assist all priests and missionaries and the whole Church of God. [Source: Raccolta]

O God of love! In all humility and confidence I offer Thee the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with the loving Heart of Jesus our Lord, who gave Himself upon the Cross of Calvary and still offers Himself upon the altar to sanctify and save the souls of men. In loving union with this sacrifice of infinite value, I offer Thee my whole being, O my God, and all my prayers and sufferings, all my sorrows and labors, my life and my death, in order to fulfil Thy divine will in my own soul, to sanctify all missionaries and their native clergy, to obtain the grace of perseverance for their converts as well as the conversion of all sinners and unbelievers in their missions. [Source: Raccolta] 

Keep them, I pray Thee, dearest Lord, Keep them, for they are Thine - Thy priests whose lives burn out before Thy consecrated Shrine. Keep them - Thou knowest, dearest Lord - The world, the flesh are strong. And Satan spreads a thousand snares to lead them into wrong. Keep them for they are in the world though from the world apart, when earthly pleasures tempt, allure - shelter them in Thy Heart. Keep them, and comfort them in hours of loneliness and pain, when all their life of sacrifice for souls seems but in vain. Keep them, and oh! remember Lord, they have no one but Thee. Yet they have only human hearts, with human frailty. Keep them as spotless as the Host that daily, they caress. Their every thought and word and deed, deign, dearest Lord, to bless. [Source: Prayers for Priests]

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, Mary, thou seest the attacks that are everywhere made by the devil and the world upon the Catholic faith, in which, by God's grace, we intend to live and die, in order that we may attain to eternal glory. Do thou, the Help of Christians, renew thine ancient victories and save thy children. They entrust to thee their firm purpose never to enroll themselves in societies hostile to our holy religion; do thou, who art all holy, present to thy divine Son our good resolutions and obtain for us the grace we need to be unshaken in their observance even to the end of life. Console the visible Head of the Church, sustain the Catholic episcopate, protect the clergy and people who proclaim thee Queen; by the power of thine intercession hasten the day when all nations shall be gathered at the feet of the chief Shepherd. Amen. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us! [Source: Raccolta]

Most loving Lord Jesus Christ, who hast redeemed the world by the shedding of Thy Most Precious Blood, turn Thine eyes in mercy upon our poor humanity, which still lies, for the most part, sunk in the darkness of error and in the shadow of death, and grant that the light of Thy truth may shine gloriously upon all mankind. Multiply, O Lord, the apostles of Thy gospel, give them new fervor, and bless with Thy grace their zeal and their labors and make them fruitful; that by means of them all unbelievers may know Thee and be converted to Thee, their Creator and their Redeemer. Call back to Thy fold all who have gone astray, and restore to the bosom of Thy one, true Church all who are in rebellion against her. Hasten, dear Savior, the happy day when Thy kingdom shall truly come upon earth; draw all men to Thy loving Heart, so that all may be partakers of the unspeakable blessings of Thy redemption and in the everlasting bliss of heaven. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O Jesus, eternal High Priest, Good Shepherd, Font of Life, who by a special favor of Thy most tender Heart hast given to us our priests in order to accomplish in us those holy ideals with which Thy grace inspires our hearts, let Thy mercy, we beseech Thee, come to the aid of our priests. Grant them, O Jesus, lively faith in their works, unshakeable hope in their trials and fervent charity in their intentions. May Thy word, radiant with eternal Wisdom, become through continual meditation, the never-failing nourishment of their interior life; may the examples of Thy Life and Passion be renewed in their conduct and sufferings for our instruction and as a light and consolation in our sorrows. Grant, O Lord, that our priests, free from all earthly attachments and solicitous for Thy glory alone, may persevere to their last breath in the fulfillment of duty and in purity of conscience. And when in death they deliver into Your hands a task well done may they have in Thee, Lord Jesus, their Master on earth, the eternal reward of the crown of justice in the glory of the Saints. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O almighty eternal God, look upon the face of Thy Christ, and for the love of Him who is the eternal High-priest, have pity on Thy priests. Remember, O most compassionate God, that they are but weak and frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation which is in them by the imposition of the Bishop's hands. Keep them close to Thee, lest the enemy prevail against them, so that they may never do anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation. O Jesus, I pray Thee for Thy faithful and fervent priests; for Thy unfaithful and tepid priests; for Thy priests laboring at home or abroad in distant mission fields; for Thy tempted priests; for Thy lonely and desolate priests; for Thy young priests; for Thy aged priests; for Thy sick priests; for Thy dying priests; for the souls of Thy priests in purgatory. But above all I commend to Thee the priests dearest to me: the priest who baptized me; the priests who absolved me from my sins; the priests at whose Masses I assisted and who gave me Thy Body and Blood in Holy Communion; the priests who taught and instructed me or helped me and encouraged me; all the priests to whom I am indebted in any other way, particularly (N.). O Jesus, keep them all close to Thy heart, and bless them abundantly in time and in eternity. Amen. [Source: Prayers for Priests]

O glorious Saint Joseph, chosen by God to be the foster-father of Jesus, the chaste spouse of Mary ever Virgin, and the head of the Holy Family and then appointed by the Vicar of Christ to be the heavenly patron and defender of the Church founded by Jesus, most confidently do I implore at this moment thy powerful aid for all the Church militant on earth. Do thou shield with thy truly paternal love especially the Supreme Pontiff and all the Bishops and priests who are in union with the Holy See of Peter. Be the defender of all who labor for souls amidst the trials and tribulations of this life, and cause all the peoples of the earth to submit themselves in a docile spirit to that Church which is the ark of salvation for all men. Be pleased also, dear Saint Joseph, to accept this dedication of myself which I now make unto thee. I dedicate myself wholly to thee, that thou mayest ever be my father, my patron and my guide in the way of salvation. Obtain for me great purity of heart and a fervent devotion to the interior life. Grant that, following thine example, I may direct all my actions to the greater glory of God, in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and in union with thee. Finally pray for me that I may be a partaker in the peace and joy which were thine at the hour of thy holy death. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

Most holy and immaculate Virgin Mary, our tender Mother and mighty Help of Christians, we dedicate ourselves wholly to thy dear love and holy service. We dedicate to thee our minds and all our thoughts, our hearts and all our affections, our bodies and all our senses and all our strength; we promise to be ever willing to labor for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. Meanwhile, do thou, O incomparable Virgin, who hast ever been the helper of the Christian people, continue to show thyself to be so in these our days. Bring low the enemies of our holy religion and frustrate their wicked designs. Enlighten and strengthen our Bishops and our priests; keep them always in close union and obedience to the Pope, their infallible Teacher; preserve thoughtless youth from sin and irreligion; increase holy vocations and multiply the number of the sacred ministers, that by means of them the kingdom of Jesus Christ may be preserved amongst us and be extended even to the uttermost parts of the earth. We pray thee, moreover, dear Mother, to keep thine eyes of mercy ever turned upon young men and maidens, who are exposed to so many dangers, as well as upon the poor sinners and those who are dying; be thou, O Mary, to them all a source of sweet hope, thou who art the Mother of mercy and the Gate of heaven. But also for ourselves do we pour forth our supplications, O mighty Mother of God. Teach us to show forth in our lives thy virtues, especially angelic purity, deep humility and burning love; so by our demeanor, our words and our example may we, according as it is given to us, be living images of thy blessed Son Jesus in the midst of the world, and make thee known and loved, in the sure hope that thus we may succeed in bringing many souls to salvation. Grant unto us, O Mary, thou Help of Christians, to be gathered under thy maternal protection. May the thought of the love thou bearest toward thy devoted clients be unto us so great a source of strength as to make us victors over the enemies of our salvation, both in life and in death, that so we may come to stand about thee in the beauty of paradise. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

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Prayer for Deceased Bishop

O God, who didst raise Thy servant (N.) to the dignity of bishop in the apostolic priesthood; grant, we beseech Thee, that he may be joined in fellowship with Thine apostles for evermore. Though our Lord. (Collect)

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Prayer for One's Confessor

In asking of Thee, O my God, the graces of which I am in need, can I, without ingratitude, forget before Thee, him whom Thou hast chosen from among Thy ministers, to reconcile me to Thee by the sacrament of penance, justly called the second plank after shipwreck? Deign, I beseech Thee, O my God, to adorn his soul with the virtues befitting the functions of the awful ministry with which Thou hast invested him. Grant him the faith of St. Peter, the charity of St. Paul, the firmness of St. Chrysostom, the evangelical liberty of St. Ambrose, the lights of St. Augustine, the piety of St. Bernard, the zeal of St. Charles Borromeo, the mildness of St. Francis of Sales, and the humility of St. Vincent de Paul. Guide him Thyself, O Lord in all his actions, that after having been here below a prudent and faithful dispenser of Thy mysteries, he may hereafter receive from Thy bountiful hands, the bright crown Thou hast promised in a blessed eternity, to the priests who shall have consecrated their lives to bring back their fellow creatures from the ways of error, and to conduct them in the paths of justice and peace. Amen. [Source: Prayers for Priests]

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Prayer for Preachers

Give me, O Lord, a mild and judicious eloquence which shall keep me from being puffed up and exalted above my brethren by reason of Thy gifts. Put into my mouth, I beseech Thee, words of consolation and edification and exhortation through Thy Holy Spirit, that I may be enabled to exhort the good to better things, and, by word and example, to recall to the straight way of Thy righteousness those who walk perversely. Let the words which Thou shalt give Thy servant, be like to sharp javelins and burning arrows that shall pierce and enkindle unto Thy fear and holy love the minds of all them that hear me. Amen. (St. Anselm) 

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Prayers for Deceased Priests

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the soul of Thy servant (N.), Thy priest, whom in this life Thou didst honor with the sacred office, may rejoice in the glory of heaven for evermore. Through our Lord. (Collect)

O Lord, we pray Thee that the soul of Thy priest, Thy servant (N.), which, while he abode in this world, Thou didst adorn with sacred gifts, may ever rejoice in a glorious place in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. [Source: Prayers for Priests]

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Prayers for Vocations

Send forth, O Lord, laborers into thy harvest. [Source: Raccolta]

O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us many and holy priests. [Source: Raccolta]

O Lord, grant unto Thy Church saintly priests and fervent religious. [Source: Raccolta]

O God, who desirest that all men should be saved, and come to the knowledge of Thy truth: send, we beseech Thee, laborers into Thy harvest, and grant them grace to speak Thy word with all trust: that Thy words may run and be glorified: and that all nations may know Thee the one true God, and Him whom Thou hast sent Jesus Christ Thy Son our Lord; who with Thee liveth. (Collect)

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Priests' Mass Prayers

MASS OFFERING: I unite myself with every Mass which at this time is being offered throughout the world. I place them in the hands of Mary, the Mediatrix of all grace, that she may obtain by this presentation of the Blood of Christ to the most Holy Trinity, the deliverance of souls from purgatory, relief for the sick and dying, the conversion of infidels and sinners, and the perseverance of all the faithful. [Source: St. Andrew's Daily Missal]

OBSECRO TE: I beseech Thee, most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, grant that Thy Passion may be to me a power by which I may be strengthened, protected, and defended. May Thy wounds be to me food and drink, by which I may be nourished, inebriated and overjoyed. May the sprinkling of Thy Blood be to me an ablution for all my sins. May Thy death prove to me life everlasting, and Thy cross be to me an eternal glory. In these be my refreshment, my joy, my preservation and sweetness of heart. Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen. [Source: St. Andrew's Daily Missal] [Note: "Said after Mass to pardon faults / mistakes during the celebration of Mass."]

OFFERING OF SELF: O Lord, to whom belongeth all that is in heaven and earth, I desire to consecrate myself wholly unto Thee and to be Thine for evermore. This day do I offer myself unto Thee, O Lord, in singleness of heart, to serve and obey Thee always, and I offer Thee without ceasing a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Receive me, O my Savior, in union with the holy oblation of Thy Precious Blood which I offer unto Thee this day, in the presence of angels, that this sacrifice may avail unto my salvation and that of the whole world. [Source: St. Andrew's Daily Missal]

PRAYER AFTER MASS: O most illustrious Virgin and Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, who didst worthily bear in thy sacred womb the very Creator of all things, whose most holy Body and Blood I have just received, vouchsafe to make intercession to Him in my behalf, that whatsoever I have omitted or committed in this unutterable Sacrament whether through ignorance, negligence or irreverence, may be graciously pardoned by the same, Thy dear Son, in answer to thy most holy prayers. Amen. 

[O serenissima Virgo et Mater Domini nostri Iesu Christi, quae in tuo sacratissimo utero portare meruisti ipsum rerum omnium Creatorem, cuius sacratissimum Corpus et Sanguinem recepi, apud ipsum pro me intercedere digneris, ut quidquid per ignorantiam, negligentiam, irreverentiamque in hoc ineffabili Sacramento omisi vel commisi, idem dilectus Filius tuus, sanctissimis tuis precibus exoratus, condonare dignetur. Amen.] / [ O sereníssima Virgo et Mater Dómini nostri Iesu Christi, quæ in tuo sacratíssimo útero portáre meruísti ipsum rerum ómnium Creatórem, cuius sacratíssimum Corpus et Sánguinem recépi, apud ipsum pro me intercédere dignéris, ut quidquid per ignorántiam, negligéntiam, irreverentiámque in hoc ineffábili Sacraménto omísi vel commísi, idem diléctus Fílius tuus, sanctíssimis tuis précibus exorátus, condonáre dignétur. Amen.] 

[English / Latin] [Source: Raccolta]

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Priests' Prayers

Note: Some prayers herein are not limited to use by priests.

Saint Aloysius, exemplar of clerics and their protector, pray for me. [Source: Raccolta] 

Heart of Jesus, Victim of charity, make me a living sacrifice to Thee, holy, and pleasing unto God. [Source: Raccolta]

Lord, burn our reins and our hearts with the fire of Thy Holy Spirit, that we may serve Thee with chaste bodies and pure minds. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O good Jesu, grant that I may be a priest after Thine own Heart. [O bone Iesu, fac ut sim sacerdos secundum Cor tuum.] / [O bone Iesu, fac ut sim sacérdos secúndum Cor tuum.] [English / Latin] [Source: Raccolta] 

O Heart all lovable and all loving of my Savior, be the Heart of my heart, the soul of my soul, the spirit of my spirit, the life of my life and the sole principle of all my thoughts, words and actions, of all the faculties of my soul, and of all my senses, both interior and exterior. Amen. (St. John Eudes)

O almighty and merciful God, graciously hear my humble prayers, and make me, Thy servant, a worthy minister of Thine holy altar, who have been ordained by Thee, through no merit of my own, but by the abundance of Thy mercy, to minister in these heavenly mysteries, that what my voice shall declare may be confirmed by Thy sanctifying grace. Through our Lord. (Collect)

Dearest Jesus, who of Thy great goodness hast called me to be Thy follower in preference to countless others and hast raised me to the high dignity of Thy priesthood, bestow upon me abundantly, I pray, Thy divine help in fulfilling my duties in a right spirit. I beseech Thee, Lord Jesus, to stir up in me Thy grace both today and always, that grace which is in me by reason of the laying on of hands of the bishop. O mighty Physician of souls, heal me in such wise that I may never be entangled in sinful habits, but that I may renounce them all and be enabled to please Thee even to the day of my death. Amen.

[Iesu dilectissime, qui ex singulari benevolentia me prae millenis hominibus ad tui sequelam et ad eximiam Sacerdotii dignitatem vocasti, largire mihi, precor, opem tuam divinam ad officia mea rite obeunda. Oro te, Domine Iesu, ut resuscites hodie et semper in me gratiam tuam, quae fuit in me per impositionem manuum episcopalium. O potentissime animarum medice, sana me taliter, ne revolvar in vitia; et cuncta peccata fugiam tibique usque ad mortem placere possim. Amen.] / [Iesu dilectíssime, qui ex singulári benevoléntia me præ millénis homínibus ad tui sequélam et ad exímiam Sacerdótii dignitátem vocásti, largíre mihi, precor, opem tuam divínam ad offícia mea rite obeúnda. Oro te, Dómine Iesu, ut resúscites hódie et semper in me grátiam tuam, quæ fuit in me per impositiónem mánuum episcopálium. O potentíssime animárum médice, sana me táliter, ne revólvar in vítia; et cuncta peccáta fúgiam tibíque usque ad mortem placére possim. Amen.]

[English / Latin] [Source: Raccolta]

Give me, O Lord, the wisdom that sitteth by Thy throne, that I may be enabled to judge Thy people with justice, and Thy poor and humble ones with true judgment. Grant me so to handle the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, that I may open it to none who ought to be shut out, nor shut out any to whom I ought to open. Let my intention be pure, my zeal sincere, my charity longsuffering, and my labor fruitful. Let me be kind without laxity, severe without harshness; let me not look down upon the poor man, nor flatter the rich man. Give me sweetness that I may draw sinners unto Thee; give me prudence in asking questions; give me skill in instruction. Bestow upon me, I beseech Thee, zeal in withdrawing sinners from evil courses, diligence in establishing them in goodness, and earnestness in moving them to a better life: maturity in my answers, rightness in my counsels, light in obscure matters, insight in intricate cases, and victory over all difficulties; let me not be involved in useless talk, nor corrupted by shameful avowals; may I save others, without myself becoming a castaway. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

Let us rejoice with thee, blessed John [the apostle], who, by a privilege of special love, wast honored by Christ Jesus above all the other disciples: being held worthy to recline upon His bosom at the Last Supper, and to be entrusted with His holy Mother at the hour of His death. We know that thou didst deserve this on account of thy special gift of chastity; because, being chosen as a virgin by our Lord, thou didst remain a virgin for ever. Accordingly, since thou didst imbibe the living streams of the Gospel from its very source, the bosom of our Lord, thou didst speak more fully and more sublimely of the divinity of Christ; and since thou didst catch thy flame of love from the fire burning in His Sacred Heart, we do not wonder that thou wast the only disciple to accompany Jesus in His Passion, and thereafter didst write such burning words that thou art rightly called 'the Apostle of love.' Moreover, it behooves us, who are the ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God, by the gift of His goodness, to lift our eyes to thee, who hast been set before us as an example for our imitation: it is likewise meet, and we ask it of thee in great humility, that thou wouldest assist us as our own special Patron before Jesus and Mary. Grant us, therefore, to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called; in particular that we may perform our priestly tasks with due purity of mind and body; fired with zeal for the glory of God, may we attain to intimate fellowship with the Heart of Jesus, and console the most holy Virgin, who was given from the Cross to be a Mother to all of us after thee, by the kindly offices of our ardent affection, even as thou didst do. Finally grant, that after this mortal life we may be numbered with the elders, whom thou didst see clothed in white raiment and sitting round the throne of the spotless Lamb, Who is worthy to receive honor, blessing and glory for endless ages. Amen. [Source: Raccolta] 

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Seminarians' Prayer

O good Jesus, grant that I may become a priest after Thine own Heart. 

[O bone Iesu, fac ut sacerdos fiam secundum Cor tuum.] / [O bone Iesu, fac ut sacérdos fiam secúndum Cor tuum.]

[English / Latin] [Source: Raccolta]

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St. Peter, pray for us. [Source: Raccolta]

O Jesus, King of love, I have confidence in Your merciful Goodness. [Source: Raccolta]

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I give myself to Thee through Mary. [Source: Raccolta]

As the deer panteth after the water-springs, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God. [Source: Raccolta]

We therefore pray Thee, help Thy servants: whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood. [Source: Raccolta]

O God, who makest all things work together unto good for those who love Thee, give to our hearts an abiding love for Thee; that the desires we conceive by Thine inspiration may ever remain unchanged in spite of every temptation. Through our Lord. (Collect)

O God, who by the patience of Thine only-begotten Son hast crushed the pride of the enemy of old, grant us, we beseech Thee, devoutly to keep in mind all that He endured for love of us, and thus following His example bear our troubles with equanimity. Through same Lord. (Collect)

Take, O Lord, into Thy hands my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding and my will. All that I am, and have, Thou hast given me, and I surrender them to Thee, to be so disposed in accordance with Thy holy will. Give me Thy love and Thy grace, with these I am rich enough and desire nothing more. (St. Ignatius Loyola)

O dearly beloved Word of God, teach me to be generous, to serve Thee as Thou dost deserve, to give without counting the cost, to fight without fretting at my wounds, to labor without seeking repose, to be prodigal of myself without looking for any other reward save that of knowing that I do Thy holy will. [Source: Raccolta]

Breathe into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too may be holy. Attract my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, that I may defend all that is holy. Protect me, Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy. Amen. (St. Augustine)  

O God, who resisteth the proud and bestowest Thy grace on the humble, grant us the virtue of true humility of which Thine only-begotten Son showed to the faithful an example in Himself; that we may never provoke Thee to anger by our pride, but rather receive through humility the gifts of Thy grace. Through the same Lord. (Collect)

Lord Jesus, I unite myself to Thy perpetual, unceasing, universal sacrifice. I offer myself to Thee every day of my life and every moment of every day, according to Thy most holy and adorable Will. Thou hast been the victim of my salvation, I wish to be the victim of Thy love. Accept my desire, take my offering, graciously hear my prayer. Let me live for love of Thee, let me die for love of Thee; let my last heartbeat be an act of perfect love! [Source: Raccolta]

O Holy Spirit, divine Spirit of light and love, I consecrate to Thee my understanding, my heart and my will, my whole being for time and for eternity. May my understanding be always submissive to Thy heavenly inspirations and to the teachings of the holy Catholic Church, of which Thou art the infallible Guide; may my heart be ever inflamed with love of God and of my neighbor; may my will be ever conformed to the divine will, and may my whole life be a faithful imitation of the life and virtues of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to whom with the Father and Thee be honor and glory for ever. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

O Saint Teresa, seraphic Virgin, beloved spouse of thy crucified Lord, thou who on earth didst burn with a love so intense toward thy God and my God, and now dost glow with a brighter and purer flame in paradise: obtain for me also, I beseech thee, a spark of that same holy fire which shall cause me to forget the world, all things created, and even myself; for thou didst ever greatly desire to see Him loved by all men. Grant that my every thought and desire and affection may be continually employed in doing the will of God, the supreme Good, whether I am in joy or in pain, for He is worthy to be loved and obeyed everlastingly. Obtain for me this grace, thou who art so powerful with God; may I be all on fire, like thee, with the holy love of God. (St. Alphonsus Liguori)

O Glorious wonder-worker, Saint Peregrine, thou who didst answer the divine call with a ready spirit, forsaking all the comforts of a life of ease and all the empty honors of the world, to dedicate thyself to God in the Order of His most holy Mother; thou who didst labor manfully for the salvation of souls, meriting the title of 'Apostle of Emilia'; thou who, in union with Jesus crucified, didst endure the most painful sufferings with such patience as to deserve to be healed miraculously by Him with a touch of His divine hand from an incurable wound in thy leg: obtain for us, we pray, the grace to answer every call from God; enkindle in our hearts a consuming zeal for the salvation of souls; deliver us from the infirmities that so often afflict our wretched bodies; and obtain for us the grace of perfect resignation to the sufferings which it shall please Him to send us; so may we, imitating thy virtues and tenderly loving our crucified Lord and His sorrowful Mother, be enabled to merit glory everlasting in paradise. Amen. [Source: Raccolta]

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